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The dotFIT Difference

The dotFIT supplements are developed using scientific principles, rather than relying on marketing exaggerations.

Each dotFIT supplement is:

  • Research-Based. Ingredients and dosages are consistent with scientific research. We don't add nutrient fillers or other ingredients based on popularity.
  • Third-party tested. Each product is tested to ensure label accuracy, safety, and purity. Our performance and health products carry the gold standard for safety and quality, NSF Certified For Sport.

What is fibr?

Fibr is the first centralized platform bringing everything the fitness industry has to offer into one cohesive space. Made exclusive for the fitness industry, by the fitness industry, fibr provides access to all the best employment opportunities, career development, and discounts on your favorite gear, education and products!

What you get for being a fibrPRO:

Placement in the discovery section where all users and employers can search for a trainer, opening you up to more potential clients and job opportunities.

A discount of 40% off dotFIT products

Add members to your team and reward them with discounts on many different products

Rewards for hitting sales goal.

Badge on your profile to indicate that you're a PRO!

Receive up to 30% commission on all purchases from members of your team from an expanded market place, the fibrSHOP.

Steps to become a fibrPRO:

Step 1

Download the fibr app and sign up for an account

Step 2

Select "professional" during sign up process and complete the steps to finish your profile

BOOM! You're all set!

Now you can spread the word to your clients, family, friends, and followers, inviting them to join your team. They'll receive discounts on their purchases, and you'll earn a commission on each sale.

We are here to support you!

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