Are collagen supplements really good for health/aging from the inside out? If so, how does one go about choosing one?


According to mainstream science there are little to no benefits from taking collagen supplements with the hopes of making your skin more youthful unless your diet is low in protein of any kind (see below). That said, there may be specialized collagen constituents that have been altered (e.g. micronized such as in the dotFIT JointFlexPlus -BioCell Collagen) to enable them to pass through the intestines intact and act as a signal to stimulate fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of the skin to increase overall extracellular matrix formation. By doing so, both hyaluronic acid (also in JointFlexPlus) and BioCell Collagen can influence the skin’s collagen metabolism from inside, resulting in fewer wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and texture. Please refer to this document on JointFlexPlus and read pages 5-6. Your best health and longevity program today is listed below. It is the same we give to our nation’s top celebrities, aging elite athletes and leaders/CEOs/politicians (they can afford the complete package). Otherwise simply follow your Play-span recommendation (daily multivitamin and mineral and add fish oil, calcium and protein [1gm/lb of lean body mass] as necessary) from us and add the JointFlexPlus product daily.

Health, Longevity & Training Supplement Program

Multivitamin & Mineral (Women’s, Active or Over 50)

o Take daily as directed with meal


o Take 1 daily anytime with a meal


o Take one daily with a meal

Advanced Brain Health (may divide evenly or all at once anytime with or without meals)

o 45-55 yrs take 4

o 56-65 yrs 8

o Over 65 yrs 12

From the mainstream media at the present time:

Taking collagen or its building blocks (amino acids) is unlikely to help skin unless you’re deficient in amino acids. Collagen, like any protein, gets broken down during digestion into amino acids, which are used to make new proteins. Those new proteins could be collagen or anything else, depending on what your body needs. Our body’s machinery that makes collagen doesn’t work as well as we age. So, unless your diet is deficient, loading up on more amino acids by taking collagen supplements is not likely to do anything. Supplements like Doctor’s Best contain peptides: short chains of two or three amino acids. “But enzymes in the intestinal cells break peptides down into single amino acids,” says protein researcher Paul Moughan, of Massey University in New Zealand. “And that’s primarily what you will absorb.